What are various formats of a Card?

Okay, so here we are - we know the anatomy of a Card in Horntell (read this, in case you don’t know), now let’s get to know various formats that are available to you for use.

Tip: We are always adding newer formats. Keep this page handy to stay updated.

As you know, a Card is majorly made up of two parts - include and action. The two parts work independently to each other. Each of the two parts has various available formats that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect card.


The Include part allows you to embed rich content in a Card. The available formats to describe your content are:

  • Quote

    The format quote allows the possibility to embed conversation-like components. These can be used to embed comments, messages, chats, etc. Dating Conversation

  • Item

    The format item allows the possibility to embed structured details of an item. These can be used to describe products, carts, transactions, etc. Ecommerce Feedback

  • Media Image

    The format media_image allows the possibility to embed one or many images. Dating Recommendation


The action part allows you to define an action that the user can take in the Card. The currently supported actions are:

  • Reactions

    The format reactions allows the user to send quick sentiments on something. This can be used to collect quick feedbacks. Coupon Feedback

  • Reply

    The format reply allows the user to send back textual input. This can be used to nudge conversations, customer support, etc. Ecommerce Personal Feedback

  • Choice Confirm

    The format choice_confirm allows the user to confirm or deny for something to happen. These can be used for Like/Dislike, Follow/Unfollow, RSVP for events, etc. Events RSVP

  • Choice Reply

    The format choice_reply allows the user to either reply or pick a choice. These come handy in situation where you want, for instance, the user to either leave a comment on a photo or simply like it. Social Post

  • Choice General

    The format choice_general allows you to define varied ways for your user to pick the choices. You can have many choices sent and also control how many could be picked up. Events RSVP

  • Pay

    The format pay allows you to accept payments via the Cards itself. You can also control if you want to allow the user to confirm order via Cash or not. We can also ask for Shipping Address from the user if you want. Ecommerce Cart Abandon