How to push Assistive Cards from dashboard?

While mostly you’ll use API to sending Cards, pushing from dashboard might be required to broadcast or when testing and developing.

We’re assuming that you’ve got the Android SDK (Horntell Zed) integrated in your app and also have at least one campaign added to the account.

  • If you log in your Horntell account</a>, you will see one profile that got created when you got your Horntell Zed integrated in your webpage. Do you see it? profile

  • There are three buttons below each profile, but we’ll focus on just the second one for now. Hit the and a small window will pop up.

  • Hit the Trigger button corresponding to any campaign that is in your account.

  • Check the phone where the integrated app is installed and voila, do you see something?

While it was very interesting to send our first Card, we highly recommend you to know more about various templates of Cards to make most out of them.