What is anatomy of a Card?

A Card is not some mumble jumble of nested views, but instead it is a neat packaging of various components working together. There are five major parts of a Card. Let’s see them one at a time.

Card Anatomy

  • App Branding

    Your app’s logo and name is the first thing that the Card shows. We’ve tested and proved that having the app’s branding on the Card helps in better conversions.

  • Timestamp

    The timestamp of the Card shows in the top right corner to let the user know when the Card was delivered to her.

  • One Liner Context

    There’s a one line context that you can use to set the tone of the whole Card. It simply tells what the Card is about.

  • Include

    The include part allows you to embed rich content in the Card to provide deeper context of the Card.

  • Action

The action part allows you to embed an action in the Card that the user can take.

You can know more about various formats of include and action here that are available for you to use.